Recently I desperately needed to recover some Opera passwords from a wand.dat file. These are the passwords that Opera remembers for you when you use the wand. Now I found a few paid tools, a few scripts. None of these really did the job. However I also found this article. Someone has used a debugger to work out the decryption algorithm I wrote this small command line utility to decrypt Opera Wand.dat files

Download this zip file (30KB). Extract the exe somewhere, to C:\

Open a CMD prompt and type this (replace C:\ if you copied the file somewhere else)


You should see a load of passwords scroll past. By default wandec will open a the wand file in the current user's profile, i.e. %APPDATA%\Opera\Opera\wand.dat. It will decrypt all passwords. Now in my case I actually had bunch of files from backups and I needed to search. Wandec supports this sort of application too, e.g.

wandec -f "X:\Backup\Opera\WandFile.dat" -s facebook

to search "X:\Backup\Opera\WandFile.dat" for entries for site facebook

Help on command line options can be found with

wandec -?

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