Drivers for IT8875F
ITE make a PCI parallel port chip, the 8875F, and provide reference drivers which won't work if the device is behind a PCI to PCI bridge, because they try to use legacy ISA port addresses.

It is possible to set the chip up to use native PCI port addresses instead, and I have developed some drivers which do this and should work on all PC's. The source code shows you how to install multifunction devices on Windows.

Files in the package

tompcix.inf - install file
The INF file will install on Windows 9x/Me and E887xflt.sys. It will also set up the device as a multifunction device so that the Windows parallel drivers will be able to find it. - Dos/Win98/WinMe enabler is for Dos/Windows 98/Windows Me. It initialises the device, and writes the LPT port address into the Bios Data area. If you don't have windows, you can install this by hand and add it to you autoexec.bat
e887xflt.sys - WDM filter enabler
E887xflt.sys is a WDM driver which installls as a LowerFilter under MF.sys and initialises the device before the Windows parallel port drivers get control of it.

You need NASM to build, and the Windows DDK to build E887xflt.sys.
I have tested these drivers on Windows 98 and Windows XP. They should work on Windows 2000 and Windows ME too. NT 4.0 is not supported.

Download Binary (Windows XP 32 bit,Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98) (6KB)
Download Source+Binary (48KB)

New: I have drivers for Windows XP x64 too!
Download Binary (Windows XP 64 bit x64 only!) (6KB)

Legal Disclaimer - these drivers are provided free on an as-is basis. We make no warrantee as to compatibility with your system, and are not liable for any damage caused. By downloading them you agree not to take legal action against us regarding these drivers

Despite the above, I'm pretty confident that these will work on Win98SE and Windows XP. If you have any issues with them you're welcome to email me and ask me for help, you just can't sue me or demand it. Tom.